The Jubilee Ride

Jubilee Ride North is an adventure that looks to raise KSh 150 Million to help set up an endowment fund under the Jubilee Scholarship Fund.

  • Route: Kenya, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Somaliland, Sudan and Egypt.
  • Riders: 10
  • Ride Duration: 6 weeks

The Jubilee Scholarship Fund

The Jubilee Scholarship Fund was established in 2008 following the post election violence to cater for the educational needs of children whose families were displaced. The fund which was initially established by the Nairobi Chapel is now managed by a board of trustees and has grown to include needy children from different parts of the country.

The fund offers scholarships to deserving students whose families/guardians have limited resources to help them pursue and successfully complete their high school and tertiary education.

over the past 7 years over 500 children have been sponsored through the fund and our goal is to have 1000 students by 2020.