The Jubilee Scholarship Fund was established in 2008 following the post election violence to cater for the educational needs of children whose families were displaced. The fund which was initially established by the Nairobi Chapel is now managed by a board of trustees and has grown to include needy children from different parts of the country.
The fund offers scholarships to deserving students whose families/guardians have limited resources to help them pursue and successfully complete their high school and tertiary education. Over the past 7 years, over 500 children have been sponsored through the fund and our goal is to have 1,000 students by 2020.

Our Proposal

The Jubilee Ride North stands out as a unique fundraising initiative with great potential to promote sponsors brands locally and globally. The number of upwardly mobile Kenyans engaging in Motorbike riding as a hobby and for the convenience it offers in Nairobi traffic is growing significantly, offering many opportunities for brand association with this group.
The Jubilee Ride North thus offers a great engagement opportunity for sponsors and the audience resulting in both economic and emotional returns besides impacting thousands of lives through the scholarship program. Naturally as a sponsor you will be recognized and have branding rights in selected marketing and promotional materials, events, social media platforms and event website.